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About judit

My name is Judit and I am the owner of Judit Pap Photography.


I love life, family, cheesecake, spicy foods, books, people, wine and yoga. And photography. Photography came to my life when I was going through a long and difficult time and needed to channel my - sometimes overwhelmingly intense - creative energy. I started making images and soon the art world started appreciating, jurying, exhibiting, purchasing, framing and, most importantly, loving my work.


My fine art work began to bring me commissions and portraiture requests, and before I knew it or planned it I became a photographer. I love working with people and I am honored to help making memories.


I believe in spontaneous smiles, silliness, loud laughter and making images in natural light and settings. I am convinced that candid portraits are the best but posed images can be fun (and necessary) at times. 

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, California

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